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We’ve been helping clients with their insurance needs to provide protection and financial security for many years. While you hope you never have to make a claim, knowing you have an insurance policy in place provides you with a great deal of peace of mind. Read some real-life customer stories below.

Income Protection Insurance

A farmer diagnosed with kidney failure was able to stop work and focus on his recovery and treatment thanks to income protection insurance. The income received allowed him to live a reasonable life and the silver lining was that he didn’t have to sell the farm to cover everyday living expenses.

Life Insurance

We received a call that a mother (of three adult children) had passed away from cancer. Thanks to her life insurance lump sum payout, her children didn’t have to sell the family home and they were looked after during an already sad time for the family. 

TPD Insurance

An unlucky accident saw  a building contractor lose his hand. As he then became partially disabled he received a partial payout. This enabled him to have an income for a couple of months, allowing him time off work for rehabilitation and to recover from the accident. 

Trauma Insurance

One of our clients received the heartbreaking news that their 10 year old daughter had a tumour which meant she needed major surgery and they needed to relocate to a better hospital. With hospital bills, the cost of rehabilitation, and parents taking time off work to care for their daughter, receiving a $200,000 trauma payout allowed them to pay for medical costs and put funds aside for the future.

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